Camping Gear

Camping gear-canvas tents and other essentials in outdoor equipment


When you plan your adventure, one of the important decisions to make is about your camping gear. Outdoor gear choice is not just questions of weight, size and price but the main criterion is versatility. You must buy your outdoor equipment with the type of camping and weather in mind. Consider these questions when making the decision, are canvas tents the best options for a rainy region; would you need pillows and folding tables in your camping gear; should you add a battery to your outdoor equipment; and should you pick nylon over canvas tents?

A beginners camping gear usually has canvas tents these are offered by Coleman and others. One of the most popular brands in outdoor gear is north face which offers 3 types of tents for campers and hikers. These categories are expedition-for the hard core trekker, 3-season-for the camper and hiker and ultralight versions for beginners. These are also additional features making these tents safe and secure for camping. Make your outdoor equipment count by getting the best and taking good care of it.

Your camping gear will also include outdoor furniture and cookware, besides canvas tents. Include knives, batteries, folding chairs, stools, travel guides, compass, and canopies in your outdoor equipment. Remember to make a checklist before you start packing so that you don’t miss anything. Invest in a durable and sturdy backpack that will accommodate all your stuff neatly. And yes, if you are going hiking and camping, don’t forget a comfortable pair of hiking shoes. Pick up a travel guide, look up the best campgrounds and get going. Happy camping!


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