Backpacks, hiking boots, sleeping bags- essentials for camp outs!


Here are some practical tips for a hassle free backpacking, hiking or camping trip. Sturdy backpacks are needed for carrying tents, sleeping bags and other essential items. It is also important to acquire a comfortable pair of hiking boots to carry the load. Without comfortable good quality equipment your adventure can be a nightmare, especially if you are going to be walking for long periods each day. So when you are making your purchase think about investing in one of the better quality backpacks and hiking boots. Down filled sleeping bags are worth considering too because they last a lot longer and are warmer and more comfortable to sleep in.

The thumb rule in using backpacks is the heaviest items should be loaded at the bottom. So that means you place your tents down under. Mid weight gear should be carried toward the top and outside portion of the packs. So place your sleeping bags, outdoor clothing, and other food containers here. Place the light weight stuff on top. For example you can place plastic containers there. And since you will be wearing your hiking boots when traveling you don抰 need to pack them :>).

It is best to keep essentials handy in backpacks. Keep items such as sunglasses, guidebooks, maps, compasses, water bottles, your camera and in outer pockets because you need to access them often. Other items such as sleeping bags can stay inside because you only need them at the end of the day. By organizing your bag well you can avoid having dig through your pack every time you need something. Another way to stay organized and hassle free is to consistently pack the same items in the same pockets. With these things in mind get out your hiking boots out, buckle up and happy hiking!