Use a GPS for navigation when hiking or backpacking!


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is one of the latest electronic devices used for navigation. These Global Positioning Systems can be used to determine exact latitude, longitude, height above sea level, and even the direction and speed you’re moving at. They are extremely useful in outdoor activities. If you are going to be hiking in new territory or on an unmarked path, using a GPS is an excellent way to make sure you always know where you are. Or if you are exploring or looking for secret hot springs, you can record the position of your new discovery so that you can find it again later with ease. Using them has made navigation extremely easy. No wonder they are a hit with hiking enthusiasts.

There are a few important differences in GPS units that should be understood before you make a purchase. Most often the handheld navigation systems are preferred for hiking and backpacking in the outdoor world. You can have two types of handhelds for use in the wilderness. These are basic and mapping units. Compare the features of each and decide which is the best one for your outdoor equipment.

GPS units are also excellent as safety equipment. You are not likely to get lost because they can help you accurately gauge your position and location. They are best used in conjunction with a  topographic map to determine your exact position. The navigation software in this advanced equipment can also print out a hiking trip plan with your expected route of travel, waypoints, and notes. If you don’t show up, someone can use this trip plan to find you.